Social Advertising

Social Advertising

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source url In the online advertising, social advertising has become a powerful player in the short span of time. To put simply, social advertising can be defined as any kind of paid content or ad posted on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. The ads on these platforms vary from simple post on a regular basis to running full-scale campaigns for specified time period and with certain budget.  An undeniable fact is paid promotion techniques like social advertising help significantly in increasing brand awareness of products and driving traffic towards a company’s website.


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By using users’ information based on their intent, new potential clients are easy to figure out. As compared to traditional advertising like print media, this advertising is cost-effective.  With the help of paid social media networks, businesses can increase their customer base by reaching audience beyond their fans or followers. Instead of targeting traffic based on random keywords, social advertising aims at targeting relevant users even before they start their search.  Moreover, due to availability of advanced targeting options, high conversion ratio and widespread prevalence of smartphones and reliable social networks are considered as great option for advertising.

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So far, several companies have experienced the advantages of social advertising; however many companies still having skeptical attitude towards this paid advertising approach. If you really want to see how social media can benefit your business, Technocrux India is there to assist you in every possible manner.


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Leading paid advertising agency in Delhi-NCR, Technocrux India aims at offering “value for money” services to its ever-expanding client base. When it comes to social advertising, our services are second to none; it’s because we follow advanced targeting approach on social networks for reviewing and identifying potential customers. Our paid advertising campaign will run on following platforms:
cheap viagra online pharmacy • Facebook- Facebook has immense potential with regard to social advertising. Our professionals will “create a post and promote it” by following advanced targeting options. Spaces for Dynamic Ads are also utilized for connecting with like-minded audiences.
buy eriacta • Twitter- With the help of Twitter account, we will harness the opportunity to place our content in front of huge audience which are selected on the basis of interest, geography or gender. With the budget specified by clients, “Promoted Tweets” are used to promote company’s offerings.
enter site • LinkedIn- LinkedIn Ads are relevant to promote company’s special offers, free trials, white papers and basically used to target professionals. The Ads comprise of small description, headline, small image and company’s URL. Similar to Twitter, a budget is decided and we pay only for the clicks received at our website.


Pinterest, Instagram, etc., are some other social platforms where we will run social advertising campaign for our clients. So, whether you run small scale or large scale business, our customized paid social advertising strategies will definitely you in the long run.